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New Help for Student Borrowers

The National Consumer Law Center has set up a new site with an extensive collection of answers to questions and tutorials on student loans.  The site, Student Loan Borrower Assistance has two main sections:

1. Get Answers
offers a long list of FAQs on the basics of student loans, default,
delinquency, bankruptcy, loan cancellation, repayment, collections, and
where to go for help.

2. Find a Solution takes visitors through these same topics step-by-step, which can be helpful if you don’t even know which questions to ask.

Besides the nuts-and-bolts help, the site keeps visitors current on changes in the law and related policy matters. With student loan debt rising (PDF), students and their families cannot afford to be uninformed. The site cautions that it does not dispense legal advice.

Hat-tip: Project on Student Debt

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