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    Take-Your-Baby-To-Work Day, Every Day

    There is probably no more difficult decision for new parents than finding day care.  A few companies, according to USA Today, are offering employees a novel solution to this vexing problem: bring your baby to your desk. Some companies apparently allow parents to have their babies, generally kids not yet at the crawling stage,  with… Read More
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    New York Times Examines Workplace Bullying

    "The playground bully has grown up and gotten a job." That’s how the New York Times health blog started a brief entry on 11 March that generated a heavy response (nearly 400 comments), and resulted in follow-up posts on 24 March and 25 March. As Science Careers columnist Irene Levine also noted in a 2006… Read More
  • Medical Writing Opportunities for Grad Students and Postdocs

    In his 13 July 2007 "Opportunities" column, Peter Fiske mentioned EquityEdit, an organization that enables advanced students and postdocs to earn income working as medical writers while simultaneously contributing to global public health. This publicity resulted in so much interest, apparently, that EquityEdit had to stop accepting new wr… Read More
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    European Code of Conduct for Nano Research

    Following a public consultation, the European Commission last month adopted a Code of Conduct on nanotechnology research. Member States, employers, funding bodies, and researchers are encouraged "to undertake the necessary steps to ensure that they contribute to developing and maintaining a supportive research environment, conducive to the saf… Read More
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    Demand Climbs on Canadian Campuses for Mental Health Services

    An article this week in Canada’s National Post newspaper says that universities across Canada report increasing use of their mental health counseling services in recent years.  Queens University in Kingston, Ontario says the number of patients seeking counseling has tripled in the past 10 years, and Simon Fraser University, with three ca… Read More
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    Student Loans, Without the Bank

    In these days of tightening credit and Wall Street nervousness about new ways of lending money, introducing an innovative online student loan service seems courageous indeed. But that is what Fynanz, Inc. has recently done. Fynanz takes the social network idea, and combines elements of eBay auctions and microcredit to offer students a new way… Read More
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    Social Media Résumé: A Link Too Far?

    Christopher Penn, chief technology officer of the Student Loan Network and founder of the Financial Aid Podcast, has created what he calls a social media résumé that applies a panoply of Web 2.0 technologies to the challenge of telling the world about himself and his accomplishments. Penn assembled the site using Google Page Creator, a… Read More
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowships: Expect The Numbers to Grow

    An article by Jeffrey Mervis in this week’s News Focus section of Science magazine provides the back-story on NSF’s proposed expansion of the Graduate Research Fellowship Program. The NSF budget request for 2009, if approved, would expand the number of graduate fellowships by 700. The idea for the program expansion is based in… Read More
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    New Biomedical Program Funds Early-Career Scientists

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) announced today a new $300 milion program to recognize the best biomedical scientists still starting up their careers. Through this Early Career Scientist Program, HHMI aims to support outstanding researchers with 2 to 6 years experience running their own labs. At this stage in their careers, as the program an… Read More