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Medical Writing Opportunities for Grad Students and Postdocs

In his 13 July 2007 "Opportunities" column, Peter Fiske mentioned EquityEdit, an organization that enables advanced students and postdocs to earn
income working as medical writers while simultaneously contributing to
global public health.

This publicity resulted in so much interest, apparently, that EquityEdit had to stop accepting new writers. I’ve recently heard (from EquityEdit co-founder Duncan Smith-Rohrberg Maru) that EquityEdit is once again accepting new writers. He writes,

EquityEdit is a team of scientists and scholars from universities in the United States and Europe who work as editors for the for-profit biomedical editing company ProEdit Japan. A [portion] of the compensation they earn then goes to fund small, innovative, pro-poor global health organizations.  Our current beneficiary is Nyaya Health.  We meet the high demand for technical editing services for medical research articles, and simultaneously raise funds to make use of this research through public health programs in poor countries.

If you are interested in becoming a paid editor, please apply at  Note that you must have significant first-author publication experience to be considered as an editor.  We are also looking for scientists who are conversant in Japanese who can act as translators. Please apply through the same applicant portal. 

Additionally,  we are looking for passionate, talented leaders to facilitate our expansion.  The amount of funds generated for Nyaya Health since we started a year ago have totaled over $10,000, and we have increased the number of editors from three at the beginning of last year to over forty.  To further improve our model, we are looking for individuals with backgrounds in marketing, social enterprise, biomedicine, technical editing, and public health.  Please see see for more information and contact editor(AT)equityedit(DOT)org with your skills and background if interested in joining our team as a volunteer. 

3 comments on “Medical Writing Opportunities for Grad Students and Postdocs”

  1. Navtej Kohli says:

    I do not have a medical writing flair but I know couple of people who are very much into medical writing. This opportunity would definitely be attractive for them and I will inform them about this.

  2. Carrie Upshaw says:

    Does anyone know if Canadian scientists can apply to become an editor with ProEdit Japan?

  3. foresman says:

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