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  • Seeking Perspectives and Personal Stories

    Science Careers seeks personal stories and perspectives on science and scientific careers for publication in our "In Person" series. We’re interested in submissions from scientists and trainees at every level, from undergraduates to senior scientists, to government officials and policy makers. We want perspectives from industry, aca… Read More
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    NSF Witholding Some Data on Ethnic Minority Doctorates

    From Inside Higher Ed we learn that National Science Foundation has stopped reporting data on numbers of minorities earning doctorates in some scientific specialties, if those numbers fall below a certain threshold. The Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED), an annual survey of doctoral awardees conducted for NSF and five other federal agencies by the… Read More
  • From Now on, I’m the Boss

    Being picked by your colleagues to become their boss is one of the toughest challenges you’ll face in your career, writes Marie Peronnau in the French finance online magazine "This indeed requires asserting your authority, changing your image, and adding some distance to emotional relationships that have now become burdensome… Read More
  • New Meat Prize

    (I love writing headlines like that.) A new, $1 million science prize is available, on an unlikely topic and from an unlikely source. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an organization not known for promoting science, has announced a $1 million jackpot for the "first person to come up with a method to… Read More
  • Feedback for “Ph.Dollars”

    Editor, Thanks to Dr. Webb for voicing the predicament I and my colleagues face as recently graduated bioscience Ph.Ds.  Unfortunately, I have real-life proof that spending 6 years in graduate school does not make financial sense.  Like Laurie Earls, I too met my husband in graduate school, and like her and her husband, we are… Read More
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    New York Times Q&A on Financial Aid

    The New York Times asked financial aid directors from five American universities to answer reader questions about funding their higher educations, in an online discussion forum. The five schools include elite institutions (Harvard, Yale), other private schools (St. Johns University in New York City), large public universities (University of Califor… Read More
  • Well at Least They’ve Got Their Priorities Straight

    "After a short-lived recovery in 2006–07, faculty salaries are lagging behind inflation again this year. Yet the salaries paid to head football coaches, presidents, and other top administrators do not seem to reflect an economic downturn." Read more in Where Are the Priorities? The Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession… Read More
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    Campus Mental Health Services: A Push from Administrators and Faculty

    One year after the Virginia Tech shootings, and weeks after another multiple-fatal shooting incident at Northern Illinois University, campus administrators and faculty have become much less reluctant to refer to counselors those students they feel are dangers to themselves or others. According to an Associated Press story, via MSNBC, student privac… Read More
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    An Entrepreneurial Summer Experience

    Summer internships offer excellent opportunities for students to get hands-on experience and (sometimes) a little money in a real working environment. But Highland Capital Partners is offering something more: a summer internship that can kick-start your new business. Highland Capital Partners (HCP) is a venture capital company based in Massachusett… Read More