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April 21, 2008

New York Times Q&A on Financial Aid

The New York Times asked financial aid directors from five American universities to answer reader questions about funding their higher educations, in an online discussion forum. The five schools include elite institutions (Harvard, Yale), other private schools (St. Johns University in New York City), large public universities (University of California at Los Angeles), and commuter colleges (Buffalo State in New York).

The questions include both general questions ("How will all the new changes affect aid for graduate students?") and questions about very personal, specific circumstances ...

I was a single parent raising my daughter for 10 years. She’ll enter college in 2009. I remarried in 2007. My husband (not her father) earns approximately $65,000; I earn $40,000. Will his income also be counted when considering the aid we receive? Her real father is $35,000 in arrears in child support, and has not had significant income in many years.

The Times will continue the online discussion until Wednesday, 23 April, if you want to ask your questions or you just want to see if your circumstances are beiing addressed.


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