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  • More on European Mobility

    On Monday, the European Commission called for a partnership among European Union member states to further increase mobility of researchers throughout Europe. Th… Read More
  • Tenure at Princeton U

    Here’s an excellent article on tenure at Princeton University, from the Daily Princetonian, with a focus on the chemistry department and their recent deci… Read More
  • Just Give Them Grants

    Before it gets displaced by this week’s new editorial, I thought I should call attention to an important editorial by Alan Leshner, the AAAS executive off… Read More
  • NSF Releases 2006 Doctorates Data

    National Science Foundation has posted a page in its Science and Engineering Statistics section to request revised tables from its 2006 Survey of Earned Doctora… Read More
  • After a death in the family …

    Marci Alboher, the New York Times careers columnist, posted an entry on her blog last week about the conflicts and guilt generated about trying to do one’ Read More
  • Earn 98K at FDA

            Stuck in a postdoc? Economic times like these breed despondency, not hope, but even dark clouds have silver linings. In response to… Read More
  • U.S. Proposes Hike in Student Visa Fee

    Tucked away in a news release from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on 11 April is a notice that DHS has proposed doubling the fee for student visas fr… Read More