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    New G.I. Bill Now Law

    President Bush this morning signed into law the Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental funding measure that includes the "21st Century G.I. Bill" legislation described in a Science Careers article earlier this month. The bill expands educational benefits to veterans of the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, providing support more in line w… Read More
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    American Social Scientist Killed by Baghdad Bomb

    A political science graduate student was among four Americans killed by a bomb in the Sadr City section of Baghdad on Tuesday. According to the Washington Post, Nicole Suveges, 38, along with a State Department civilian employee and two U.S. soldiers, died when the blast occurred during a meeting of an Iraqi district council. Suveges… Read More
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    Friday Fun: What happens at happy hour …

    The funniest Christmas card I received last year was from one of our regular correspondents.  "The worst part of the company Christmas party is finding a new job the next day," it read. A Reuters story on MSNBC reported this week that some 20 percent of us get drinks with our coworkers at happy hours… Read More
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    Senate Passes G.I. Bill

    The Senate last night passed by a 92-6 vote the Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental spending bill that includes the G.I. Bill legislation described in an article earlier this month on Science Careers. Last Friday, the House passed the supplemental funding bill, also with the G.I. Bill legislation, by a similarly large margin. According to the Washington… Read More
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    New Efforts Aimed at U.K. Research Careers

    This week Research Councils U.K. (RCUK) announced a new agreement that outlines the rights and responsibilities of researchers and employers in the development of research careers. At the same time, they announced the creation of a new organization whose mission is to support the research careers of doctoral students and postdocs. In some respects… Read More
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    European Astronaut Selection — Some Preliminary Numbers

    After the application process for the European astronaut selection closed on 16 June, the ESA counted 8,413 complete applications. Candidates come from all 17 ESA Member States, but France is the best represented, with 22,1% of all applicants, followed by Germany’s 21.4%, Italy’s 11%, the United Kingdom’s 9.8%, and Spain’s 9… Read More
  • A Complaint about Our Veterans Feature, from a Former Columnist

    Dear editor, It rather broke my heart to see such a rosy picture painted for the veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. If someone were considering joining the military now, he or she would be thinking that it could be setting them up for educational benefits and job training. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read More
  • Tough Interview Questions?

    Last week Career Hub, a group blog on job hunting and career development, posted its periodic list of tough interview questions that blogger and career counselor Billie Sucher heard from her clients.  While the list can help interviewees prepare for a potentially difficult session, they also reveal a little about some employers. Some of the… Read More
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    House, Bush Agree on New G.I. Bill

    Reports from Capitol Hill today tell of a deal between the House of Representatives and the White House on a new G.I. Bill, the subject of story in Science Careers earlier this month. Both the House and the Senate attached the G.I. Bill legislation to an Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental funding measure. The new G.I. Bill aims… Read More