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June 19, 2008

House, Bush Agree on New G.I. Bill

Reports from Capitol Hill today tell of a deal between the House of Representatives and the White House on a new G.I. Bill, the subject of story in Science Careers earlier this month. Both the House and the Senate attached the G.I. Bill legislation to an Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental funding measure. The new G.I. Bill aims to provide significantly more educational benefits for returning veterans who enlisted after 9/11 than the current benefits offered to all veterans.

Acccording to the New York Times, House leaders kept the G.I. Bill intact but compromised on other aspects of the supplemental funding bill that the Bush Administration opposed: extension of some unemployment  benefits, restrictions on military spending in Iraq, and tax increases to pay for the additional costs. The funding bill now goes to the Senate, where according to the Washington Post, some Senators want to add other provisions to the bill that the White House may not accept. If the Senate adds these amendments, the bill would need to go back to the House, probably after the Fourth of July recess.

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