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  • Big R&D Job Cuts at GlaxoSmithKline

    Reuters/International Herald Tribune and the Wall Street Journal (subscription required for WSJ access) are reporting that GlaxoSmithKline intends to cut 850 research and development (R&D) jobs in the United States and the United Kingdom–6% of Glaxo’s R&D staff. These job cuts are on top of 350 announced earlier this year, meani… Read More
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    European Commission Funding News

    As you may recall, back in April the European Commission was putting together a practical guide to EU funding opportunities for research, development, and innovation. The objective was to help researchers get funding from the various sources available under the seventh framework program. (If you need to refresh your memory, look at Kate Travis̵… Read More
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    Two Cheers for Tenure

    Cary Nelson, president of American Association of University Professors defends the tenure system in the September-October issue of Academe, the organization’s magazine. Nelson’s essay describes the advantages of tenured faculty over part-time, adjunct, or contingent faculty, arguing persuasively that campuses benefit from the community… Read More
  • Motherhood, the Elephant in the Laboratory

    This morning I bumped into a very interesting interview of Emily Monosson, a trained toxicologist and mother of two who gathered the personal experiences of 34 fellow female scientists balancing work and family into a book–Motherhood, the Elephant in the Laboratory: Women Scientists Speak Out–published last May. In the interview, which… Read More
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    Public Health, the Hot New Major

    Today’s front page of the Washington Post (free registration required) notes the increasing popularity of public health courses, all involving science in one way or another, among undergraduates. The story cites a recent survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities that showed that 16 percent of the group’s 837 member… Read More
  • Apply Your Science to Serve Society

    AAAS has announced the next round of its Science and Technology Policy fellowships, a truly excellent program and amazing opportunity for those interested in career transitions. Hence the following longer-than-usual post: For 35 years, the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships have provided scientists and engineers with a unique opportun… Read More
  • Weird Science

    Why is it that the really cool-sounding research–the stuff of comic books and science-fiction novels–comes out of the Department of Defense? Anyway, that’s the way it seems sometimes–apart, I suppose from some of the quantum weirdness physicists often study. Here’s the latest example of what I mean, via a press release… Read More
  • Better Living through Star Wars

    Though it’s not precisely a career-development course, a new course offered by Queens University Belfast leans in that direction and sounds it might actually do some good for job-seekers and aspiring professionals. I’m serious. ‘Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way’ teaches the "real-life psychological technique… Read More
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    Veterans Affairs Department Tells More about G.I. Bill Outsourcing Plans

    In an interview with Science Careers and in testimony to Congress yesterday, Veterans Affairs (VA) officials laid out more of the department’s plans to outsource its G.I. Bill operations.  VA plans to build a computer system to determine G.I. Bill eligibility and benefits for veterans based on a series of rules spelled out in the… Read More
  • More advice for Successful Interactions with the Media

    This is a piece of feedback I received this morning regarding our recently published article on how to interact with the media. Hans Peter Peters–the person who sent me the feedback–is one of the interviewees in the article and he made another interesting point that I would like to pass on:       "An excellent… Read More