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  • A Really Good Personal Blog

    I really like good science-related personal blogs, especially when the writing is vigorous, quirky, and–especially–unpretentious. Reclaiming Miss Ha… Read More
  • Confessions from the Lab

    Yesterday I got a note from James Frost III, the CEO of a company called BioTx, a life-sciences automation company, advising me of a new “non-commercial, … Read More
  • HHMI Expands Med Into Grad Program

    In the new (19 December) issue of Science Careers, Brian Vastag describes a number of training programs to produce translation scientists, who conduct biomedica… Read More
  • U.S. Research Spending to Fall

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting (subscription required for access) that U.S. research spending is expected to decline next year–or so says a report d… Read More
  • HHMI Janelia Farms

    Recently, I participated in a panel discussion on alternative careers at HHMI’s Janelia Farms campus in Ashburn, Virginia.  Before going to the event… Read More
  • How to Publish in Science

    Interested in learning more about publishing in Science?  Come on out to our next Science Careers Outreach event. At the American Society for Cell Biology … Read More
  • Women Leaving Science

    A nice piece by The Guardian’s Jessica Shepherd about the difference in attrition rates between male and female graduate students in the sciences, and the… Read More
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