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    Education, Health Care, I.T. Still Hiring

    With all of the bad news about employment, it is nice to see that some sectors of the economy are still hiring, particularly those that hire scientists and engineers. Last week, Jack Chang of McClatchy Newspapers highlighted three sectors that have added jobs in the past few months, while others have been cutting: education, health… Read More
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    A Really Good Personal Blog

    I really like good science-related personal blogs, especially when the writing is vigorous, quirky, and–especially–unpretentious. Reclaiming Miss Havisham qualifies. The blog is written by a young woman named Leslie who describes herself as “a medical research scientist and bio-ethicist by trade” who “approach[es] friv… Read More
  • Confessions from the Lab

    Yesterday I got a note from James Frost III, the CEO of a company called BioTx, a life-sciences automation company, advising me of a new “non-commercial, non-PC, fun, free” Web site that his company has started, called Confessions from the Lab. (By “non-PC” he apparently does NOT mean that it’s a Mac shop.) Frost sent… Read More
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    Hiring Window Open for Foreign Service Officers

    The New York Times on Saturday described the U.S. State Department’s accelerated efforts to recruit more foreign service officers (FSOs), the people who staff American embassies and consulates overseas. While FSOs come from a wide range of disciplines, some scientists find these jobs rewarding, particularly when they can apply their earlier t… Read More
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    HHMI Expands Med Into Grad Program

    In the new (19 December) issue of Science Careers, Brian Vastag describes a number of training programs to produce translation scientists, who conduct biomedical research with a direct connection to clinical practice. Among the most prominent of such initiatives is the Med Into Grad program, created by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).&nb… Read More
  • U.S. Research Spending to Fall

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting (subscription required for access) that U.S. research spending is expected to decline next year–or so says a report due out from the Battelle Memorial Institute, a nonprofit trust in Columbus, Ohio that will be published in R&D Magazine. The Battelle numbers describe total research spending, including… Read More
  • HHMI Janelia Farms

    Recently, I participated in a panel discussion on alternative careers at HHMI’s Janelia Farms campus in Ashburn, Virginia.  Before going to the event, I knew nothing about the campus. (For more information on Janelia Farms, see "Betting the Farm" by Beryl Benderly and Jim Kling’s "Captain of the Farm Team.") It… Read More
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    Madoff Scandal Hits Philanthropies and Institutions

    The arrest of financier Bernard Madoff on 11 December on investment fraud charges has sent waves crashing into scientific institutions and philanthropies that invested in Madoff-backed schemes. Madoff contributed widely to and served on boards of various Jewish and Israeli charities and institutions, many of which invested in his hedge fund. Prosec… Read More
  • How to Publish in Science

    Interested in learning more about publishing in Science?  Come on out to our next Science Careers Outreach event. At the American Society for Cell Biology meeting in San Francisco, Science Editor Bryan Ray will discuss the submission, review, approval, and publication process for the journal. The presentation will cover what editors look for a… Read More
  • Women Leaving Science

    A nice piece by The Guardian’s Jessica Shepherd about the difference in attrition rates between male and female graduate students in the sciences, and the causes of high attrition rates for women. Pretty dramatic. Read More