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  • A Small World

    A recent post at the new Science Origins blog resonates strongly with Science Careers. The post is by Janet Iwasa, who became a scientific illustrator with supp… Read More
  • Research Funds Head South In Canada

    Our colleagues at ScienceInsider report Wednesday that Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper is taking a different tack from U.S. president Barack Obama… Read More
  • Getting a Raise in a Recession, Really

    Earlier this week, Dana Mattioli offered some hints in the Wall Street Journal’s online careers section on getting a pay raise in these tough times. It… Read More
  • Honor Your Mentor

    An email from MentorNet informed me this morning that today is Thank Your Mentor Day and that January is National Mentoring Month. MentorNet suggests that you t… Read More
  • Guard Your Internet Footprint

    A real-life experiment has just shown how easy it is to compile the story of your life just by following the traces you’re leaving on the Internet. I firs… Read More
  • Life After Big Pharma

    OK, my last C&E News related update for a while. Their 8 December issue includes their employment outlook–which, tellingly, focuses on alternatives to… Read More
  • More Careers Coverage from C&E News

    Continuing my attempt to catch up on Chemical and Engineering News… In the 15 December issue, lots of bad news. Leading off is news about massive layoffs… Read More
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