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    Encouraging Women to Return to the Lab

    Going back to the workplace after being away for a number of years can be difficult for anyone, but especially for parents who choose being a full-time mom or dad. Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that companies and institutions in science and engineering are setting up programs to help women (many more moms than dads… Read More
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    Stimulus Bill Imposes H-1B Visa Limits (Updated x 2)

    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 signed into law last week (a.k.a. economic stimulus bill) contains provisions that make it more difficult for some companies — those involved in the TARP financial bailout package — to hire workers on H-1B temporary work visas. Beryl Benderly discussed the impact of H1-B visas in her… Read More
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    Snapshot of a Snapshot of the Financial State of Universities in Europe

    The global economic downturn has affected each European country’s science and education system differently. Some countries are pumping more money into higher education, while in others, the weakening economy hasn’t had much of an effect because science and education were already chronically underfunded. But most countries lie somewhere… Read More
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    Alternative Career: Genetic Counselor

    For life scientists with good people skills looking for an alternative to basic research, work as a genetic counselor may be to your liking. According to today’s Career Journal, an online supplement to the Wall Street Journal, genetic counselors are in demand and the pay isn’t too shabby. Genetic counselors work for hospitals, private p… Read More
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    Hidden Opportunities

    If you’ve never attended a AAAS meeting, you should. It tends to be a bit less technically hard-core than most scientific meetings, but much of it is also higher-impact. You get to witness the presentation of science that makes big news; no doubt, you’re reading about much of it now (perhaps the Neanderthal genome).  Also… Read More
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    Your Handy-Dandy Science Stimulus Guide (Updated)

    Science Debate 2008, the people who encouraged discussion of science issues in the 2008 elections, have prepared a summary chart showing the status of science-related line items in each of the House of Representatives and Senate versions of the economic stimulus package. A House-Senate conference committee is now reconciling the two versions of the… Read More
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    Careers in Science Writing, Editing, Broadcasting, and Public Relations

    Welcome to those of you coming here from the Cambridge Media Event — and welcome to everyone else, too! We often get questions about careers in science writing, editing, and similar careers. So, I thought I’d take the occasion of the Cambridge Media Event to assemble some links to our many features and articles on… Read More
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    Support Programs for Women and Minority Scientists

    In connection with “Career Boosters for Women and Minority Scientists,” a career workshop presented by Science Careers at the AAAS Annual Meeting, we present the following list of international resources for women and minority scientists. If you encounter this list in print form, you can find an online version (with embedded links) at h… Read More
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    Darwin Doings at Harvard’s Museum

    In Science Careers this week, Siri Carpenter and Kate Travis tell how scientists working at natural history museums make Charles Darwin’s research come alive.  Harvard’s Museum of Natural History is strutting its Darwin stuff as well. In fact, the entire Cambridge, Massachusetts campus is getting in on the act. Harvard’s muse… Read More
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    Clicks and Mix Networking Strategy

    Recent Science Careers articles have talked about using social networks like LinkedIn as part of an overall networking strategy — the ones by Dave Jensen and Peter Fiske, for example.  The goal of networking, of course, in person or online, is to build your collection of contacts and get your name and qualifications in front… Read More