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    Why We Serve the Community

    Elisabeth Pain’s article in Science Careers last week about professional service explained how many academic scientists consider it, at best, a necessary evil. Here’s a story that will give you a good reason to make mentoring school children and other service to the community a bigger part of your academic life. The University of Florid… Read More
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    New Harvard Medical School – Portugal Program in Translational Research

    Portugal has added Harvard Medical School to the list of American universities it collaborates with extensively. On 27 April, Harvard Medical School (HMS) and the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education announced a long-term collaboration in translational research and education. The HMS-Portugal Program… Read More
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    Ruth McKernan: From Academia to Industry

    To get ahead in industry, “confidence is everything,” says Ruth McKernan, chief scientific officer of Pfizer’s new Regenerative Medicine Unit in Cambridge, England. McKernan spoke yesterday at a meeting of the Cambridge Association of Women in Science and Engineering.  McKernan began her career with joint honors biochemistry… Read More
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    Challenge Grants and Disaster Averted?

    Prior to the 27 April deadline for the NIH Challenge Grants–the main grant program resulting from the economic stimulus act–program officers and research administrators were predicting a huge volume of proposals, perhaps enough to destabilize, the federal government’s already creaky electronic grant-submission system. T… Read More
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    How Foundations Cope with the Economic Crisis

    Earlier this month, we commented on an article that describes how private foundations serve as a source of funds for research, particularly family foundations that focus on specific diseases. Last week, a study released by the Foundation Center tells how private foundations are able to keep going during these tough times. The Foundation Center surv… Read More
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    Are Job Fairs Worth Your Time?

    Eve Tahmincioglu, MSNBC’s career columnist, has a decidedly downbeat story today about job fairs. She reports that many professional and technical attendees at these events find themselves waiting in long lines only to discover that few employers are really hiring. Just the words “job fair” or “career fair” suggest an… Read More
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    Doctoral Researchers in Europe, Eurodoc Needs You

    Eurodoc, the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, is conducting an online survey of the working conditions of doctoral researchers in Europe. A collaboration with the International Centre for Higher Education Research at the University of Kassel in Germany, the survey aims to gather the testimony of 100,000… Read More
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    Bill Introduced to Create Science Envoy Corps [Updated]

    Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, the ranking minority member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced a bill yesterday that would create a Science Envoy program in the U.S. State Department. If the bill comes law, Science Envoys would be established scientists who receive grants for short-term visits abroad to help build links between… Read More
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    Difficult Accents

    In the Society for Science & the Public’s ScienceNews blog, Janet Raloff puts her finger on an issue that may at first seem minor and not politically correct, but is nonetheless important. Raloff refers to how strong foreign accents can make it difficult for talented and actually articulate scientists to communicate ef… Read More
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    Hiring for Engineers and Scientists in the Fortune 100

    On Sunday (19 April), Fortune magazine unveiled this year’s list of the 500 largest corporations in the United States. While most news headlines talked of Exxon-Mobil edging out Wal-Mart for the top spot, Fortune did identify which companies among the top 100 on the list are still hiring, including some enterprises looking for engineers and… Read More