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Leadership Training for Underrepresented Minority Scientists

Ric Weibl, director of the Center for Careers in Science and Technology in AAAS (publisher of Science Careers), tells us of SACNAS’s Summer Leadership Institute, which will be held 28 July – 1 August at AAAS’s offices in Washington DC.

SACNAS, an organization devoted to advancing opportunities for Hispanic and Native American scientsts, offers this training to underrepresented minority scientists interested in building their leadership skills. The institute also intends to establish and support a network of leadership-minded scientists and provide participants with take-away tools and individual planning to put their skills into practice at their home institutions. SACNAS designed this intensive 5-day course together with AAAS and includes topics such as team building, decision-making, delegation, conflict management and resolution, and building a personal leadership-development plan.   
SACNAS has funding to support registration, travel, lodging, and meals for some participants. Postdocs and professionals are encouraged to apply by the 15 May deadline. Additional information and application materials are available on the SACNAS Web site.

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