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    Job Postings on Twitter

    The blog Career Hub this week highlights a few new services posting job announcements using the mini-blogging service Twitter as a platform. TwitHire is a simple listing of job announcements in reverse chronological order, with links to the announcements online. It has separate tabs for design and computer programming jobs. The listings give the jo… Read More
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    You Can’t Make Science Any Cooler

    Designer Geoffrey Beene LLC is leveraging its iconic status in the men’s fashion world to help elevate the status of science among students. The Smart Set blog points out that Geoffrey Beene’s philanthropic arm unveiled a new ad campaign in the June issue of GQ magazine featuring photos of high-profile rock stars getting down with… Read More
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    Science Agencies Rank High as Best Federal Employers

    Federal agencies with science-related missions scored high on the latest biannual report of employee satisfaction released this week. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission received the highest overall rating among large agencies (more than 2,000 employees), with NASA, the intelligence community (individual agencies not broken out), and the Environmenta… Read More
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    ESA Presents its New Astronauts

    The European Space Agency (ESA) today announced the winners of its latest recruitment competition for the European Astronaut Corps–the first such competition since 1992. Among the 6 new astronauts who will now join ESA are two Italians, one German, one Danish, one British, and one French. The group includes one woman and five men. You… Read More
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    Lower Pay for College Grads–Today and Tomorrow

    If this year’s college graduates needed a reminder of the severity of the job market they’re entering, a recent (9 May) Wall Street Journal article provided it, and then some. Sara Murray’s “The Curse of the Class of 2009” cites economic studies and anecdotal evidence showing that bachelor’s degree recipients dur… Read More
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    Sniffing Out the Corporate Culture

    When hunting for a job or evaluating a job offer, a nagging question is, “Will I fit in with this employer?” In order to fit in, you must share your employer’s values–or at least have compatible values–because an organization’s values are embodied in its corporate culture. And finding out what those values are is… Read More
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    NIH Requests Comments on Conflict of Interest Rules

    Our colleagues at the ScienceInsider blog (like Science Careers, also published by AAAS) note that on Friday, NIH requested comments from the public to help write new conflict of interest rules. Contained in a Federal Register notice, the request for comments covers the scope and definition of conflicts of interest and ways institutions report and… Read More
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    Goodbye Columbus

    The 2010 fiscal year begins on 1 October–and among the cuts the federal government’s 2010 budget, announced on Thursday, is $1 million the Obama Administration decided not to spend on the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation (CCFF), an organization established to recognize the accomplishments of researchers and science students an… Read More
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    Figuring Out Flexibility

    Chronicle Careers has a nice piece by Anne Gallagher and Kathy Trower in which they take on the issue of balance and flexibility in academic careers. This is the fourth installment in a multi-part series. The other parts, too, are worth a read. Those earlier articles are: A Call for ClarityWhy Collegiality MattersThe Demand for… Read More
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    Live Tweets Tomorrow from Cambridge Career Day

    Tomorrow (Friday, May 8), Science Careers and the Cambridge Research Institute are putting on a day-long workshop, “Broadening Your Scientific Career Horizons,” here in Cambridge (the U.K. one). Topics will include industry career paths, bioentrepreneurship, making the most of your postdoc, and networking. If you don’t happen to b… Read More