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Blog Your Way to Antarctica

Biology doctoral student, blogger, and Science Careers Facebook fan Danielle Lee points us to a competition that gives the winner an all-expenses-paid trip to Antarctica. The contest offers bloggers–Danielle is one of the contestants–a chance to post an essay on why they deserve to win the voyage. Visitors to the site vote on who they believe most deserves to go.

Quark Expeditions is holding the contest. The company says it has conducted commercial polar expeditions since 1991. Bloggers must post their essays, no longer than 300 words, on the Quark Expeditions site. The contestant who receives the most votes and a companion will receive a free cruise in February 2010 on one of Quark Expedition’s vessels, plus round-trip air travel to Ushuaia, Argentina, where the ship departs.   

So far, 188 hopefuls have entered. A quick review of the entries shows that many science students and early-career scientists from around the world have signed up, as well as environmentalists of all ages. The competition opened on 19 June and continues to 30 September. Registration with the site is required for voting.

Up to this year, National Science Foundation (NSF) offered artists and writers opportunities to visit Antarctica, but that program has been put on hold. Here’s last year’s GrantsNet entry describing the program. NSF hopes to continue it after 2010. 

One comment on “Blog Your Way to Antarctica”

  1. Sandi says:

    I am competing. I see this as a real opportunity for a writer, not for a scientist or someone whose political views may color the experience one way or another. Obviously this is an assignment for a naturalist, but ideally one who can convey what they’re experiencing in a way that interests others, and in a way that others can understand.
    After all, Quark is trying to sell more trips to (essentially) tourists.
    Check out my entry and vote for me here:

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