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  • Networking Tips for Job Hunters

    At the group blog Career Hub, Sital Ruparelia offers a list of 21 networking tips for job seekers. Networking seems simple and natural enough, but there’s… Read More
  • RIP: A Quiet Hero

    The New York Times reports the death of Gerald Gardner, a geophysicist who helped develop methods to locate oil using seismic vibrations. He died of leukemia at… Read More
  • Article update: pan-European pensions

    The European Commission has launched a feasibility study of pan-European pension funds for researchers, according to a statement (if a blog entry is considered… Read More
  • Rutgers Postdocs Form Labor Union

    Our colleagues at ScienceInsider yesterday posted news about the 350 postdoctoral fellows at Rutgers University voting to form a union, a vote certified on Tues… Read More
  • Job Markets and Lunar Landings

    These last few days have put me in a pensive and sentimental mood. I’m a child of the 1960’s, 5 years old when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. T… Read More
  • Studying Humans in Space

    Forty years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon. But four decades later, how much do we know about how space flight affects the human… Read More
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