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Wanted: Chemistry Postdocs to Learn Communication Skills

Postdocs in chemistry who are interested in becoming better science communicators are invited to apply for a spot at the Chemistry Communication Leadership Institute, which will be held 15-19 September in Seattle. The workshop is sponsored by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the National Science Foundation, and the University of Washington.

The goal of the workshop–says a short item in the ACS publication C&E News–is to teach chemists to communicate better with journalists, policy makers, and the public. Topics will include handling media interviews, pitching freelance articles, writing or the Web, and explaining science to non-scientists, among others. Radio and podcasts will be covered as well.

More information is available from Deborah L. Illman. Applications received before 24 August will receive priority, the item says. All expenses will be paid, including travel expenses, plus a stipend.

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  1. Importance of Communication Skills.
    Hi. Want to let you know about a YouTube video contest on the value of learning “People Skills” that could be easy for readers of this group — with cash and prizes.

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