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    We Miss You Bell Labs

    Last week, on the Science Careers forum, the discussion turned briefly to jobs for physicists in industry. As a physicist who once sought employment in industry, I took an interest. The conclusion: These days, too little basic research is done in industry. There are too few physics jobs in industry. Also last week, Business Week… Read More
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    Online Ads Increase for Science Jobs in August

    One job market indicator we follow on Science Careers is the number of online job ads, which is tracked monthly by the Conference Board, a private business and economic research institute. In August, the number of online advertisements for scientists posted healthy gains over July, although the number of employment ads for engineers remained flat. Read More
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    More Hiring Planned in Next 12 Months

    A survey of hiring managers in the United States suggests that there will be more employment opportunties in the next year, with technology jobs among the first to recover once the economy turns around. This year’s Employment Dynamics and Growth Expectations (EDGE) report, from staffing consultant Robert Half International and CareerBuilder.C… Read More
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    Treating Employees Well

    This column in Business Week describes a call-center business where employees are offered full health-insurance benefits and can earn 6 figures. The idea is to treat employees as valuable assets instead of as faceless commodities to be exploited. The column focuses on the conventional notion that we can’t compete with low-wage countries (to w… Read More
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    Feds Accused of Raiding Contractors for IT Staff

    Companies contracted by the federal government for information technology (IT) services say they have run into a campaign by their agency clients to hire away their IT professionals. In some cases, a few federal contractors claim, the agencies’ tactics are unethical. In a story appearing yesterday in Federal Computer Week (FCW) magazine, Stan… Read More
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    Admission Offers Drop for Foreign Grad Students at U.S. Universities

    For the first time in 5 years, admission offers from American universities to foreign grad students–including science and engineering students–dropped compared to the year before. Grad-school applications from foreign students increased slightly for the 2009-2010 academic year, but the increase was the smallest since 2005. These finding… Read More
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    Disaster-Proof Your Career

    With summer and tropical-weather season upon us (1 June to 30 November), the blog Career Hub this week, offers advice on keeping your career on track should a hurricane hit. Some of the blog’s advice applies to anyone in an area threatened by tropical weather: board-up windows, stock up on water and flashlights, have an… Read More
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    White Males Get More Job Leads in Conversations

    A new study of networking shows that white men get more job leads than women or Hispanics in their routine conversations. The study, authored by North Carolina State sociologist Steve McDonald and two colleagues, surveyed a national sample of 3,000 respondents to find out about the amount of job information people learn in their day-to-day… Read More
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    Three Quarters of Private Colleges Plan to Freeze or Reduce Salaries

    A survey report released in June by Yaffe and Company, Inc., reveals that fully 2/3 of private colleges and universities have plans to freeze or reduce compensation: 67% of institutions intend to freeze salaries and 9% intend to reduce them, the survey found, while 24% intend to increase salary. 80% of the institutions that say… Read More
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    Salary Negotiations, Recession-Style

    Alexandra Levit, the Wall Street Journal’s careers columnist, offers advice this week on salary negotiation, geared to tough times. Levit stresses the importance of getting the best possible salary deal upon hiring. In this economy, she observes, “raises are small and promotions are often slow in coming…” But, in this econom… Read More