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    Become an Expert Woman in the Life Sciences

    If you are a European woman in the life sciences who is looking for new professional opportunities, you may want to join the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)’s WILS database of expert women in life sciences. The WILS database aims to promote gender equality in Europe by making female scientists more visible to the scientific… Read More
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    Science Careers on Minnesota Public Radio

    Well, kind of. A call in show scheduled to start in about 5 minutes was “inspired” by Anne Sasso’s article, Audacity, Part 1. Unfortunately Anne herself was completely out of contact while the show was being planned, so she won’t participate. But there should be some interesting discussion, including with some of Anne’ Read More
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    Virtual Internships: Opportunity or Oxymoron?

    Today’s (29 September 2009) Wall Street Journal tells about students doing unpaid internships from the comfort of their own homes. These virtual internships are generally offered by small enterprises for tasks requiring a computer, Internet access, and telephone — all provided by the intern. Virtual internships would not likely work for… Read More
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    Response to “A Physician-Researcher Thrives in the Balance”

    Dear Editor, I read with interest the following article: “A Physician-Researcher Thrives in the Balance” by Chelsea Ward, September 11, 2009. I congratulate Dr. Regan Theiler on her accomplishments. However, I believe you are giving the wrong message to young women physician-researchers. In this article, Dr. Theiler had essentially stat… Read More
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    The Benefits of Training Schools

    COST, an intergovernmental framework that facilitates cooperation among European nations in science and technology, has just released a video about its COST training schools. The COST schools, which are run in 9 different research fields, are open to early-career European scientists, and grants are available to cover the co… Read More
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    Follow-up: Myron Rolle Develops Health Program for American Indian Youth

    In January, we reported on Myron Rolle, a Florida State University football standout who turned down a sure-fire gig in the NFL for a Rhodes scholarship in medical anthropology. Yesterday, Rolle turned up at the Department of Interior in Washington, DC, where Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced a new health and fitness program… Read More
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    Invest 7 Minutes in Watching This

    The National Academies of Science have just released a 7 minute film on their YouTube Channel. Go and watch it. On Being a Scientist is based on the book of the same name, also from the National Academies. The focus of the video is scientific ethics, but what makes it great is the way the… Read More
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    Advice on a Writing Career from a Scientist, or Something

    It sounds really confusing, and it is pretty hard to capture in a title, but it’s really fairly simple. Blogger Livia Blackburne is a neuroscience graduate student at MIT–her work focuses on reading–who spends her time outside the lab writing fantasy stories for young adults. Her blog focuses on creative writing, taking a novel, a… Read More
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    Suing University, Texas Prof Is Awarded $900,000

    Professor Robert Klebe of the University of Texas Health Science Center has won a lawsuit against his employer–and a $900,000 jury award, according to the San Antonio Express-News. Klebe alleged retaliation and age discrimination after the university allegedly cut the pay of the tenured professor by 25% and hired younger researchers at a high… Read More
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    Retired Profs to Plug Teaching Vacancies from Budget Cuts?

    The Raleigh News and Observer (N&O) today has a story about retired professors in North Carolina’s “Triangle”–Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill–offering their services to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as a way for the school to make up for budget cuts that threatened to eliminate classes on that campus. The… Read More