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Advice on a Writing Career from a Scientist, or Something

It sounds really confusing, and it is pretty hard to capture in a title, but it’s really fairly simple. Blogger Livia Blackburne is a neuroscience graduate student at MIT–her work focuses on reading–who spends her time outside the lab writing fantasy stories for young adults. Her blog focuses on creative writing, taking a novel, analytical approach. It’s interesting.

But lately she’s been taking career advice from her neuroscience adviser and repackaging it for people aspiring to writing careers. But even repackaged, her adviser’s good advice, as recounted on her blog, remains useful for aspiring scientists, too. In fact, the twist she gives it, oddly, gives it a certain freshness.

Here’s a link to the first item in the series, which includes a short introduction and her first tip: Choose your projects carefully.

Since the links to the subsequent posts are none too obvious, I’ll include them here:

2. Know the literature
3. Don’t spread yourself too thin
4. Don’t take criticism personally, and respond professionally


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