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  • Using Layoff News to Find Job Openings

    It seems a bit nonsensical, but sometimes a good place to look for a job is with a company that just announced layoffs. That’s the advice from Aleksandra… Read More
  • A Conversation with Nobel Women

    As a science journalist, I’ve had the opportunity to interview several Nobel prize winners. Such high-profile scientists are usually pretty obsessed with… Read More
  • Video Inspiration

    I’m not a subscriber, but I’m an admirer of Make magazine. I love the whole DIY culture, and I’m confident it — Make and DIY culture gen… Read More
  • Reference Checks Going Deep

    Employers are starting to take reference checks more seriously, often triggering exhaustive investigations of applicants’ backgrounds and character, accor… Read More
  • Nailing the Video Interview

    If you apply for a job in another city and are among the finalists for the position, don’t be surprised if the employer asks you to take part in a video-c… Read More
  • Tips for Finding Consulting Work

    For scientists and engineers between jobs, or for those with jobs but who may have some spare time, consulting work can keep skills sharp and morale high, and p… Read More
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