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    Using Layoff News to Find Job Openings

    It seems a bit nonsensical, but sometimes a good place to look for a job is with a company that just announced layoffs. That’s the advice from Aleksandra Todorova this week in SmartMoney. Todorova found a number of companies, including employers of scientists and engineers such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sun Microsystems, that had many… Read More
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    A Conversation with Nobel Women

    As a science journalist, I’ve had the opportunity to interview several Nobel prize winners. Such high-profile scientists are usually pretty obsessed with their science and more than happy to talk about it all day. But it’s one thing to ask a Nobel winner to explain how her research fits into our greater understanding of life. Read More
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    Fewer Scientists, Not More, Says a New Paper

    A great post over at our sister site, Science Insider, describes a new paper by B. Lindsay Lowell and Harold Salzman of Georgetown University and the Urban Institute, respectively. The new study makes a point that we at Science Careers have been making for years: If you care about science, you want to make sure… Read More
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    Video Inspiration

    I’m not a subscriber, but I’m an admirer of Make magazine. I love the whole DIY culture, and I’m confident it — Make and DIY culture generally — will plant many seeds that mature into scientists and engineers. Make has just issued a press release promoting a new project. Called Elements of Humanity (and found… Read More
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    Reference Checks Going Deep

    Employers are starting to take reference checks more seriously, often triggering exhaustive investigations of applicants’ backgrounds and character, according to Eve Tahmincioglu, MSNBC’s careers columnist. She likens the process now to guerrilla warfare, where conventional tactics no longer suffice. “Three years ago, if you had a… Read More
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    Volunteers Sought for Simulated Mars Mission

    In May 2008, Science Careers’ Elisabeth Pain told of recruiting efforts by the European Space Agency (ESA) to find four new astronauts for upcoming missions. ESA is back this month, but this time they’re seeking pretenders. ESA is looking for a team to simulate a 520-day mission to Mars. While ESA requires professional credentials of… Read More
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    Nailing the Video Interview

    If you apply for a job in another city and are among the finalists for the position, don’t be surprised if the employer asks you to take part in a video-conference interview rather than the traditional face-to-face session. Time Magazine this week offers tips to job-hunters who get face time with prospective employers over a… Read More
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    Tips for Finding Consulting Work

    For scientists and engineers between jobs, or for those with jobs but who may have some spare time, consulting work can keep skills sharp and morale high, and put a little coin in your pocket. Finding customers for your consulting practice, however, takes the same professionalism and perseverance as finding a job, Sital Ruparelia explains… Read More
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    More Advice on Jumping from Campus to Business

    A Science Careers story on scientists getting The Entrepreneurial Bug two weeks ago tells about three academic researchers who started their own businesses, and includes advice to academics thinking about making the same career move. Today’s Wall Street Journal provides a few more pointers for budding businesspeople from the academic world. B… Read More
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    Report Finds U.K. Postdocs Generally Satisfied with Their Lot

    Most postdocs in the U.K. are generally satisfied with their current jobs and their work-life balance; however, up to a third of them don’t feel that their wider contributions are appreciated, according to a new survey published by Vitae, the U.K.’s career development organization for postdocs (a.k.a. research staff) and graduate studen… Read More