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  • Calculating Your Online Identity

    Several Science Careers articles and blog posts in the past year or so have encouraged job hunters to sharpen their online identities, since more employers now… Read More
  • Aunt Hillary Needs You

    Nina Federoff, the science and technology adviser to the Secretary of State, recently made a pitch for scientists to serve in the State Department, telling how… Read More
  • The microscope doctor

    Jim Janoso has created a very nice niche for himself. He is the microscope doctor. His patients: hard working microscopes in field stations in the most rem… Read More
  • Extreme Science

    It’s snowing heavily today. (A year ago, instead of snow, it rained cats and dogs here at Palmer.) The icebergs on the bay are covered by a frosting, like… Read More
  • Job Hunting During the Holidays

    With the end of the year coming up, many people are taking time off, school terms are ending, and it may seem like a good time to put the job hunt on hold for a… Read More
  • Ambushed by Icebergs

    This morning we were ambushed by icebergs. We woke up and realized we were prisoners of large chunks of ice that completely blocked the entrance to our tiny har… Read More
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