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    Video on ERC Grantees

    The science video channel AthenaWeb features a nice documentary on several young researchers who have won Starting Grants from the European Research Council. The video, entitled ‘Bringing Great Ideas To Life: The European Research Council (ERC)‘ was supported with ERC funding. Science is “an attitude,” Fotis C. Kafatos… Read More
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    Geoscience Career Web Site Wins Education Award

    A Web site to help educators in the geosciences advance their careers and professionalize their teaching has won an award for online resources in education from American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The Web site, titled On the Cutting Edge, hosted at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota offers guidance to students on prep… Read More
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    Behind the Scenes: Dual-Scientist Couples

    We write about dual-scientist couples every so often, since scientists do have a knack for pairing off with each other. This month, we’ve published two articles on dual-scientist couples in which both partners work in the same — or a very similar — field. Today we’ve posted a profile of physician-scientists Deepali Kumar at… Read More
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    Job Hunting in Campaign Mode

    To get your job search organized and energized, sometimes you need to take a step back and view it from a different perspective. On the Career Hub blog this week, résumé coach Louise Fletcher suggests that job hunters think about the task as a campaign, such as a political or marketing campaign. According to Fletcher… Read More
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    Videos Enliven University Admissions

    A story in the New York Times tells how Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts now accepts videos as optional supplements to the traditional application forms and essays. Some 1,000 of the 15,000 applicants took up Tufts on the video offer, including some clever mathematics and engineering candidates. The article quotes Tufts’s dean of un… Read More
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    Career Boosters for Women and Minority Scientists

    Another Science Careers session held at the AAAS Annual Meeting in San Diego last Friday afternoon aimed to give women and underrepresented minority scientists some practical tips on boosting their chances to get onto the next rung of the academic career ladder.  Instead of spinning a narrative, I’m just highlighing some of the… Read More
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    A Scientist’s Roadmap to Capitol Hill

    Follow the money that drives science research in the United States, and more often than not you’ll end up in Washington, D.C. The dollars don’t reach labs on their own, though: Institutions, interest groups, and individuals help legislators decide what to fund — and science competes with every other federal program for resources.… Read More
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    Getting Closer to the Clinic

    In a career session at the AAAS Annual Meeting in San Diego yesterday, Associate Dean for Physician-Scientist Training at UCSD School of Medicine Ajit Varki and Eric Topol, Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, discussed job opportunities for Ph.D. scientists in clinical and translational research and related topics.   If I… Read More
  • Elisabeth Pain ,

    Three Ways to Improve Your Scientific Writing Today

    In a career workshop at the 2010 AAAS Annual Meeting in San Diego Friday morning, Victoria McGovern of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund promised the audience three tips on how to improve their academic writing. But she gave many more than three.   McGovern kicked things off by inviting attendees to present their research to the person… Read More
  • Alan Kotok , ,

    Volunteer Intern Changes Up His Career

    It isn’t every day that an intern working at a government agency can analyze the costs and benefits of a livestock disease-tracking program, then go out and throw a baseball 95 miles per hour with pin-point accuracy. That day has arrived: Ross Ohlendorf, a starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates and 2006 graduate of Princeton… Read More