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At Stanford, a Record Number of Postdocs

It probably happens all across the country every year, but few take notice. At Stanford the milestone was commemorated by an article in today’s Stanford Report, the university’s daily news vehicle.

At the beginning of 2010, Stanford had 1754 postdocs — more than ever before. Postdocs at Stanford now outnumber every undergraduate class. That’s worth repeating and pondering: At Stanford, postdocs now outnumber freshmen.

It’s not just a new record. It’s the product of a remarkable spike in Stanford’s postdoc population: 10% in just 6 months, says Ranja Sanford, Stanford’s assistant dean for postdoctoral affairs, in the article. There has been a steady upward trend in the number of postdocs on campus, Sanford says, and then a sudden leap that she attributes to the bad economy. The number of Stanford postdocs has increased by 37% since 2000.

The article provides an interesting snapshot of the postdoc population at a major research university because unlike most universities Stanford keeps careful tabs on their postdocs:

  •  About 40% of all Stanford postdocs are women.
  • The biggest group — 601 — is from the United States. 242 have Chinese passports. “Rounding out the top five countries on the list are Korea (98), India
    (86) and Canada (70),” the article by Kathleen Sullivan says. 306 are from the European Union, nearly four dozen are  from Russia or Eastern Europe, 33 are from the Middle East,
    and 32 are from Latin and South America. “More than two dozen postdoctoral scholars are the sole
    representatives of their countries on campus, including Jamaica, Sri
    Lanka and Zimbabwe,” Sullivan writes.
  •  2/3 of Stanford postdocs are at the medical school. About 200 are in engineering. Of the balance, 80% are in biology, chemistry, physics, and applied physics. The rest are distributed among 10 departments including history, linguistics, philosophy, East
    Asian studies, psychology and sociology. 

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