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Postdoc Independence Workshop Videos Now Online

Last month, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), part of National Institutes of Health, put on a two-day workshop to help postdocs make the transition to independent researchers. NIGMS now has videos from the workshop available for viewing on its Web site.

Each of the 17 sessions from the 11-12 March event is in a separate video. Topics range from general career advice (“Making the Right Career Choice”) to specific tips on how to move on in your research career (“Establishing a Lab”) or survive in the process (“How to Have a Life”). Presenters include leaders in career development for scientists such as Isiah Warner of Louisiana State University and Jo Handelsman of Yale University as well as Peter Agre, former president of AAAS (publisher of Science Careers), and former Science Careers columnist Jeremy Boss of Emory University.

NIGMS also offers a list of career resources including a booklet of recent Science Careers articles on job searching.