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    Starting a Business When Employed

    Careers blogger and Wall Street Journal contributor Alexandra Levitt this week poses a question faced by a few budding entrepreneurs: Should I start a new business while working at my current job? For some academic scientists, starting a business is often a question of “when”, not “if”. Many university campuses have technolo… Read More
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    Some Advice About Impact

    Almost any funding application requires you to summarize the academic impact of your research, and many take it a step further and ask for the economic and social impact as well. For the U.K. research councils, that latter statement comes in the form of the newly renamed Pathways to Impact, a two-page proposal document attached… Read More
  • Alan Kotok

    Should You Take That (Less-Than-Ideal) Job Offer?

    On the Secrets of the Job Hunt blog today, Hannah Morgan advises job seekers who have been offered a job that is less than what they hoped for when the job search started. Her post outlines a systematic method of evaluating job offers. Morgan provides three sets of criteria for deciding whether to accept the… Read More
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    From the Lab to Parliament

    In the U.K. general elections earlier this month, University of Cambridge biochemist Julian Huppert won Cambridge’s seat in the U.K. parliament. Huppert has been active in local politics for years in addition to leading a small research group at the university. However, his latest political promotion means he’ll give up his lab. Huppert… Read More
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    More Incentives for Small Businesses to Start Wellness Programs

    Among the provisions in the 2010 health care bill — officially, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — is one that offers grants to help small companies to start wellness programs for employees and offer rebates on health insurance for staff who enroll.  If they need more reasons, a study shows that wellness programs… Read More
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    How Tenure-Track Applications Are Screened

    The Prodigal Academic has posted an excellent and detailed post on how the process of screening of applicants for tenure-track jobs works in the searches she (he?) is involved in. Prodigal Prof — who self-identifies as an assistant professor on a science faculty — describes how a pool of 210 applicants is reduced to 140… Read More
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    Craig Venter: A Product of Veterans’ Education and Community Colleges

    Yesterday’s big science news — the creation of a bacteria cell with a synthesized genome — comes from the J. Craig Venter Institute in Rockville, Maryland, and San Diego, California. Craig Venter himself is already a scientific legend due to his role in the sequencing of the human genome. But one aspect of his story… Read More
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    New Online Service Aims to Connect Interns to Startups

    Students and recent grads hunting for internships often have problems finding internship opportunities, unless they are advertised on campus, broken out separately on job boards, or discussed in Science Careers. At the same time, many entrepreneurial companies can be a good source of experience for interns — but they may not have the recruiti… Read More
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    NINDS to New Investigators: Apply for R-01s, Not R-21s

    Update: It occurred to me after posting this entry that I had left out some important information. In his e-mail, Finkelstein wrote, “This year … our NINDS payline is set at the 14th percentile. However, we are funding almost all new PI R01s to the 20th percentile, and most “early stage investigators” (i.e. those within… Read More
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    Seminars for Postdocs on Research Opportunities in India

    Anuradha Lohia, CEO of the India Alliance, will lead a series of seminars next month in the U.S. on biomedical, clinical, and public health research opportunities for postdocs in India. The India Alliance is a partnership between India’s Department of Biotechnology and the Wellcome Trust in the United Kingdom, formed in 2008. Lohia’s se… Read More