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Alan Kotok

Should You Take That (Less-Than-Ideal) Job Offer?

On the Secrets of the Job Hunt blog today, Hannah Morgan advises job seekers who have been offered a job that is less than what they hoped for when the job search started. Her post outlines a systematic method of evaluating job offers.

Morgan provides three sets of criteria for deciding whether to accept the offer:

– Have you been specific about what you are looking for?
In other words, does the employer know this is not your ideal job?

– Are you qualified? Is it a realistic option?

Morgan asks whether you have the skills for the job, but you could ask if you are over-qualified. Brutal honesty is needed here.

– Have you exhausted all your options?
Is it still possible that you’ll be offered the job you really want?

Morgan then provides a set of questions to determine if this job may open doors for further professional growth, i.e., sacrifice job satisfaction today for job satisfaction tomorrow. She follows with advice on making the most out of the situation if you decide to take the job: “By all means, don’t be resentful, negative, or give an air of superiority. Be grateful to have been given a chance.”

In March on Science Careers, Brooke Allen offered another option. Unless making immediate money is absolutely required, you can always consider a volunteer position doing the work you love, until a good job in your field comes along.

2 comments on “Should You Take That (Less-Than-Ideal) Job Offer?”

  1. Very good post, thanks!
    Best regards

  2. Banke says:

    I once took a job that paid less. I was more interested in having a work experience rather than the salary.
    I worked a few months after which i got a better job which offered higher salary.

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