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June 21, 2010

Postdoc Union Charges Unfair Labor Practices by University of California

This reporter regrets that a vacation to Alaska prevented her from bringing readers timely news of the latest episode in the continuing drama of postdoc unionization at the University of California (UC).  (Not that she regrets the wonderful trip, just the delay in reporting).

On June 9, while she was marveling at the pristine majesty of Glacier Bay National Park, the UC postdoc union, known as PRO/UAW, filed an unfair labor practices charge against UC with the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) over the protracted but as yet inconclusive negotiations for a first contract.  This move, according to PERB's website,   initiates a multi-stage process of investigation and possible hearings and appeals.  In the meantime, the next negotiation session is scheduled for June 30 and reaching an agreement could render the issue moot.  Stay tuned for further developments.
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