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Beryl Lieff Benderly

Contact Congress today to get postdocs more respect

Among the many things postdocs need more of (such as money in their paychecks and opportunities to launch their careers), respect and appreciation rank high.  To this end, U.S. Representative Cliif Stearns (R-Florida) is sponsoring a House resolution granting official recognition to National Postdoc Appreciation Week, observed the third week in September.  Spearheaded by the National Postdoctoral Association, the resolution needs 25 Congressional co-sponsors as soon as possible to move to the floor for a timely vote.  NPA is urging everyone who supports the idea to contact their House representative right now and encourage them to become co-sponsors of House Resolution 1545.  The NPA website even provides tips and resources for what to do.

Legal tender and well-paying job offers would be better than cost-free “appreciation” of postdocs’ under-recognized efforts. But raising postdocs’ national profile certainly can’t hurt, and could conceivably help get some concrete improvement.  Co-sponsoring this resolution is a painless move for legislators, as it requires no expenditure but may do some good.
So call or write your House representative right away.  It will only take you a few minutes, and it could help raise awareness nationally of postdocs’ important contribution.