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  • Snow Job

    Actually, no job may be more like it — or so it must seem to many would-be faculty members who had job interviews scheduled at the annual meeting of the A… Read More
  • The Impact of Working Close

    Thanks to the Internet, today researchers have many ways to collaborate remotely. Several studies have shown that international collaborations tend to produce h… Read More
  • Changes to NIH Grant Rules for 2011

    With every new year comes change, at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as elsewhere. At NIH, though, the operative date is not 1 January but 25 January. T… Read More
  • What Is the Value of a Ph.D.?

    Not much more, and often less, than a master’s degree, at least when counted in cold cash. That’s the conclusion of an unsigned article in The Econo… Read More
  • Open Access to European-funded Research

    2 December was the official launch date of OpenAIRE — Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe — providing researchers with open access to… Read More
  • Unnaturally Not Selected?

    Should a scientist’s religious views affect his ability to land an academic post?  Astronomer Martin Gaskell believes they should not, and, according… Read More
  • To Stay or to Leave?’s “Since You Asked” advice column generally publishes pleas for help with commitment-phobic lovers, unreasonable in-laws, ornery bos… Read More
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