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Beryl Lieff Benderly

State of the Union Speech “Misses the Mark on Education and Innovation.”

That’s the well-argued and well-documented opinion of Norman Matloff, the University of California-Davis computer science professor who is also a widely respected, very astute, Chinese-speaking scholar of technical workforce issues.  President Obama “and his advisers don’t have a clue” as to the real source of the jobs problem facing America, he states in the latest issue of the occasional e-newsletter that he writes on issues surrounding offshoring.  

All the science fairs and incentives to math teachers in the world won’t have the slightest effect on jobs, Matloff explains, because the quality of American education has nothing to do with the loss of technical work to cheaper competitors. It is, he believes, “unconscionable/tragic” to imply that they do. “The basic problem [is] the willingness of American firms to locate all, or large sections, of their operations elsewhere in the world, and to hire foreign workers for those jobs they choose to keep in the U.S” — as well as policies that do not discourage them from doing so.  And Obama’s proposed remedies will do absolutely nothing about either.
But why settle for my rehash of Matloff’s illuminating observations when you can read the original article here?