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A Protest at UCSD Over a Postdoc’s Dismissal

Our colleagues at Science Insider have spotted a report from the San Diego Union-Tribune about a protest outside the office of UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox over the firing of a postdoc. The gathering of 35 protesters was broken up by police. No one’s saying why the postdoc was fired, but she Wilda Helen, a stem-cell researcher from Indonesia — says, “My supervisor has made false allegations about my work.”

Helen’s visa was scheduled to expire automatically, but she won a reprieve that ends on Sunday, just two days from now. The postdoc-union contract requires an arbitration hearing; the protesters were pressing the university to schedule that hearing before Helen is sent home.

For more information, read the original article and the ScienceInsider post.

One comment on “A Protest at UCSD Over a Postdoc’s Dismissal”

  1. Oki says:

    This is an outrageous attack on immigrant workers by the UC administration.
    Around two-thirds of UC Postdocs are internationals. Chancellor Fox is trying to send the message that no foreigner is safe in California. They are trying to say that immigrants have no legal right to job protection rules.
    We will not bow to their fear tactics! We will fight back!

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