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Spanish Young Investigators Denounce Delays

The Spanish Federation of Young Investigators (FJI)/Precarios today denounced delays and errors in the allocation of international fellowships for Spanish postdocs. “The terrible management of the postdoctoral grants maintains more than a thousand young investigators in an unsustainable situation,” says the press release (translated from Spanish by this blogger). FJI/Precarios is a Spanish umbrella association that was created in 2000 to improve the working conditions of early-career researchers in Spain.

The FJI/Precarios has criticized the government repeatedly for bureaucratic negligence that makes the life and the planning of a scientific career more difficult for young Spanish researchers. Under fire this time is the Spanish Ministry of Education’s management of the National Program for the Mobility of Human Resources for Investigation. The program rules indicate that awardees should be announced within 6 months, a deadline that has not been met since 2005, according to the association. 
“The Spanish Ph.D.-holders who currently participate in this program cannot plan their working times due to the long waiting periods they are subjected to, bringing their research projects to a standstill or stopping them. [They must also] work without economical nor institutional support and in extremely precarious conditions,” the press release says. 
The FJI/Precarios provides a longer report (in Spanish) describing problems experienced by the program’s applicants and exhorting the program’s administrators to “scrupulously follow the annual schedule for funding calls.” 
More information can be found on the FJI/Precarios Web site.