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  • From Invention to Commercialization

    Moving from invention to commercializing it is a tough process, one for which scientists are often ill-prepared. In an article published yesterday&nbs… Read More
  • Apps as Academic Tools

    An article published today in The Times Higher Education discusses how apps developed for smartphones are becoming increasingly valuable for academics in their… Read More
  • Dissing the Doctorate

    In case you missed it (as I did, until just now): Science Careers columnist Adam Ruben published his grad-student rap “Dissing the Doctorate” in the… Read More
  • Where Can Postdocs Learn to Teach?

    For Ph.D.s who aspire to academic careers that include a lot of teaching, the challenge of learning how to conduct courses and organize lab work appropriate to… Read More
  • How to Run the Safest Possible Lab

    Though it was published months ago, I just recently came across a revealing interview by Jyllian Kemsley of Chemical & Engineering News on the subject… Read More
  • Toward Gender Equality in Science

    Nathalie Pettorelli and Seirian Sumner — two behavioral and population ecologists, both research fellows at the Institute of Zoology in London … Read More
  • Gearing Up for the Job Search

    So, you think that a stellar academic record, terrific publications, a brilliant presentation, and enthusiastic recommendations will be enough to land you that… Read More
  • Science in the Movies

    Writing a blog post the other day, about the reaction of British scientist and filmmaker Christopher Riley to the last American space shuttle flight, got me thi… Read More
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