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Beryl Lieff Benderly

Want to Be a TV Star?

A new Public Television Service series on the history of chemistry is in the works, we have learned from the Newscripts blog at Chemical & Engineering News, and the producers are seeking a host who combines chemistry chops with an engaging onscreen personality. 

Could this be your big break?  “The host needn’t be famous, a Nobel Prize winner, or even a leading researcher, project director Stephen Lyons told C&EN.  He or she might be a college, community college, or even a high school teacher–so long as the person is also a “gifted chemical communicator,” the production’s website says.

The producers don’t want a CV or list of publications, but rather a link to a YouTube video featuring the aspring Carl Sagan in action.  For more information on the planned production and how to apply, check out the series website.  These are the folks, by the way, who did the fine PBS documentary about the groundbreaking African-American chemist Percy Julian, so they know their way around both chemistry and television.  Can’t wait to see whom they pick for this gig.

PS.  The Percy Julian program is well worth viewing, by the way.  Julian was a distinguished scientist who overcame severe discrimination and even a vicious attack on his and his family’s physical safety. As the daughter of chemist who spent a decade in Chicago and knew Julian personally during that time,  I grew up hearing repeatedly about both aspects of Percy’s life.