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Academic Careers

NextGen Voices: The Definition of Success

This week, Science‘s Letters section features the results of their most recent NextGen VOICES poll, in which early-career scientists are asked to respond to career-related questions. In January, the poll asked, “What is your definition of a successful scientist? How has this definition changed between your mentor’s generation and your own?” 150 scientists responded, and 21 of their answers are printed in this week’s Science. Those 21 and 50 more responses are posted online.

This week’s issue also presents a new assignment: Describe a specific experience and how it changed your science, training, or career goals.

To submit an answer, go to The deadline for submissions is 18 May. A selection of the responses will be published in the 6 July issue of Science. Submissions should be 250 words or less. Anonymous submissions will not be considered. Readers are asked to please submit only once.