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True Confessions: I’m Getting in the Way of My Wife’s Career

An article posted today at Business Insider (reposted from The Guardian? I can’t quite tell.) provides a close-in view of the personal side of a scientific career from the perspective of a self-described (male) “trailing spouse”. Over the long course of scientific training–before that long-sought permanent post–that trailing spouse developed a life: a business, a house, a garden, kids–and doesn’t want to leave. Unfortunately, the wife’s fellowship is ending and there are no permanent research posts locally. The author describes her as a “world-class researcher”; apparently she has prepared for the kind of career that you can only consummate by going where the jobs are. Sticking around near where your partner works just isn’t a realistic option.

The comments are definitely worth reading. They reflect a lack of sympathy that scientific dual-career couples may find surprising.