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    A Video and a Petition for Spanish Science

    The Spanish Federation of Young Investigators (FJI/Precarios) is looking for volunteers to produce a video contrasting the situation of Spanish scientists abroad and at home. As reported recently on Science Careers, early-career scientists in Spain are concerned that the current economic context and forthcoming funding cuts are likely to derail the… Read More
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    Is Youth Wasted on the Young… Scientists?

    That was the provocative title of a session at the 2012 AAAS meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on Saturday morning. The session was less controversial than the title suggests, but it did raise a provocative question, at least for me. In the first (and most interesting) presentation, Catherine Beaudry, of École Polytechnique de Montre… Read More
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    When Encouraging Women to Compete Everyone Wins

    One of the approaches tried over the years to help women access the higher rungs of the political, business, and academic career ladders have been “affirmative action programs,” where women are given an advantage when competing for promotion. Such measures have been controversial, however, with critics alleging that they hamper the chan… Read More
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    NIH Report Identifies Supply & Demand as Top Biomedical Scientist Concern

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) last week released a report from its Working Group on the Future Biomedical Research Workforce exploring the career and workplace concerns of biomedical researchers working in the United States. NIH queried hundreds of scientists working both inside and outside NIH and received 219 responses. In the surveys,… Read More
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    Human Resources Strategy for Researchers in Europe

    Around 60 European universities, research institutions, funding agencies, and umbrella organizations gathered today in Barcelona (and will continue to meet tomorrow) to discuss how they can improve the working conditions they offer to researchers.  Read More
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    Channeling Raw Smarts Into Results

    “He was super smart, but so what? … Pure intellectual heft is like someone who can bench-press a thousand pounds. But so what, if you don’t know what to do with it?” That’s how math professor Paul Zeitz describes his high school friend and director of MIT’s Broad Institute, Eric Lander, in an article in… Read More
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    Planning Ahead to Maintain Your Career When the Grants Stop Coming

    “The aging process is not fun, but when it begins decades ahead of schedule, it’s tragic” (See Editor’s Choice: Splicing Therapy Comes of Age, Science 11 Nov 2011, Vol. 334, p. 739). Substitute the word “retirement” for “aging” and you have the problem facing many career scientists today. While scient… Read More
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    A European Road Map for Aging Research

    Early-career scientists need to have a broad view of where their research field is heading so that they can choose a niche where they can make important and innovative contributions, and eventually establish themselves as independent researchers. In the field of aging research, this challenge has been made a little easier by the release of… Read More
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    Eppendorf/Science Prize Winner Announcement

    Published in the 4 November 2011 issue of our sister publication Science is an essay written by Tiago Branco, the 2011 Grand Prize winner of the Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology. Launched in 2002, the annual and international competition invites young neurobiologists to write a 1,000-word essay based on r… Read More