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    Tips for Getting a Great Internship

    On Friday, Tara Weiss in offered some pointers for students on landing a coveted summer internship. Hunting for an internship is a lot like hunting for a permanent job in that it takes both preparation and professionalism. Interns may generally be younger or paid less, but that still means you have to look and… Read More
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    Congress Passes Student Loan Bill; Funds Reduced for Community Colleges

    Consistent with the plan we mentioned 2 weeks ago on the Science Careers blog, the House of Representatives lumped much of their student-loan bill into the package of fixes to the health care reform bill. Yesterday, both the Senate and the House passed this package, which now goes to President Obama for his signature. But… Read More
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    Comparative Effectiveness Research Boosted in Health Care Bill

    The hotly debated Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that passed the Senate in December and House of Representatives last night establishes a new center for comparative effectiveness research in health care costs and quality, a topic discussed earlier this month in a Science Careers article. Section 6301 of the bill establishes an independe… Read More
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    NIH Wants New Ideas on Workforce Diversity

    National Institutes of Health (NIH) wants a few really new and different ideas on how to achieve more ethnic diversity in the biomedical sciences, and is prepared to pay up to $10 million for those ideas.  Our colleague Jeff Mervis on the Science Insider blog yesterday reported on a new NIH Director’s Pathfinder Award aimed… Read More
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    New Genomics Careers Web Site

    The National Human Genome Research Institute, part of National Institutes of Health, unveiled today its Genomic Careers site for students thinking about genomics as a career. The site introduces students to careers in genomics research as well as fields that apply the science of genomics, such as forensics and biomedical engineering. Visitors will… Read More
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    Federal Agencies Encouraged to Offer Grand Challenges and Prize Contests

    An Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memo last week gave federal agencies the green light to use more grand challenges and prizes to spur innovation. The memo, signed by Jeffrey D. Zients, OMB’s Deputy Director for Management, points out that agencies with funds for grants can use that funding and authority to sponsor grand… Read More
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    Deal in Congress Combines Student Loan and Health Care Bills

    When we last checked in on the proposed Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which aims to reform the student loan process, the bill had passed the House of Representatives but stalled in the Senate due to a threatened Republican filibuster. The New York Times reports this morning that Democratic leaders in both houses of… Read More
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    12 Student Interns @ 1 Month = 4X Productivity

    Linux software vendor Ksplice tells how they conquered a difficult management problem with a unique staffing approach: Hire interns. In December of 2009 the company, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, found itself with a host of pending engineering projects outside of its core business functions, and it needed to complete these projects quickly for… Read More
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    Starting Off Right in a New Job

    In a piece posted today, Todd Bavol — author, blogger, and self-styled Job Search Ninja — tells why the way you start off a new job is so important and offers tips on getting started off right. Bavol urges new hires to use the time between acceptance of the job and the start date  —  Read More
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    Creating a Scannable Business Card

    Sometimes even the best planning and good luck aren’t enough in your job search. Consider the following scenario. At conference, you get introduced to a department chair at a university, who mentions they just got a big new grant and may have positions opening soon. Instantly, you reach for your a business card and hand… Read More