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    Online Employment Ads for Scientists Decline in September (Updated)

    For the past few months, Science Careers has tracked the number of online jobs advertised for scientists and engineers, as reported by The Conference Board, a private business and economic research institute. In September, the number of ads for scientists and engineers declined, compared to August, with only the related field of medical practitione… Read More
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    Online Ads Increase for Science Jobs in August

    One job market indicator we follow on Science Careers is the number of online job ads, which is tracked monthly by the Conference Board, a private business and economic research institute. In August, the number of online advertisements for scientists posted healthy gains over July, although the number of employment ads for engineers remained flat. Read More
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    Online Ad Trends for Scientists and Engineers Were Mixed in July

    Keeping track of current trends in job markets is a difficult business. One approach that’s more promising than most is tracking online job ads. Long-term trends in technology (e.g., the rise of social media and the decline of static ads) may skew the results over time, but month-to-month trends are likely to be meaningful. The… Read More
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    Online Ads Gain for Math, Science, Engineering Jobs

    The number of online job ads increased in May compared to April, according to the Conference Board, with among the largest increases noted for jobs in computer and mathematical science. Engineering and architecture job ads, and ads for jobs in other fields of science, also increased in May. The Conference Board is an independent business-research… Read More