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    More on this week’s museums articles

    One of the fun parts of working for Science Careers is that we get to meet people — all sorts of people. And when you meet someone who’s so totally passionate about her or his science that it’s infectious, well, that’s great fun. For this week’s article Keeping Order, I interviewed entomologist Erica McAlister in… Read More
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    Internships for Sale (Updated)

    In Career Journal (the Wall Street Journal’s online careers supplement) last week, Sue Shellenbarger discussed an increasing trend in career-related summer jobs for students, where students or their families pay a fee to participate in the internship experience. The fees go to for-profit companies who place students in established internship… Read More
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    A Small World

    A recent post at the new Science Origins blog resonates strongly with Science Careers. The post is by Janet Iwasa, who became a scientific illustrator with support from NSF’s regrettably discontinued, much lamented Discovery Corps program, which also trained Geoffrey Bothun, who Science Careers profiled in 2004. The post also mentions Graham… Read More
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    Research Funds Head South In Canada

    Our colleagues at ScienceInsider report Wednesday that Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper is taking a different tack from U.S. president Barack Obama in funding for science in that country’s economic recovery package. In Harper’s new budget, released Tuesday, funds for the three councils that support research in science, engin… Read More
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    Senate Passes Wage Discrimination Bill (Updated)

    Late last week the Senate passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, which extends the length of time after a wage-discrimination offense that a suit can be filed. The vote was a filibuster-proof 61-36. The bill is named for Lilly Ledbetter, who worked for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Gadsden, Alabama. Read More
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    Life After Big Pharma

    OK, my last C&E News related update for a while. Their 8 December issue includes their employment outlook–which, tellingly, focuses on alternatives to traditional employment–specifically, on contract-research jobs. (We covered contract research a year earlier, but with a focus on pharma and biotech.) In slightly related news, this i… Read More
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    More Careers Coverage from C&E News

    Continuing my attempt to catch up on Chemical and Engineering News… In the 15 December issue, lots of bad news. Leading off is news about massive layoffs at Dow, DuPont, and other companies. Just two pages later comes Hard Times for Academe, which describes the effects of severe budget cuts on chemistry departments resulting from… Read More
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    Women Reach 16% on Chemistry Faculties

    I’m catching up on my reading of careers coverage in Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) from the American Chemical Society (ACS). According to an article in the 22 December issue, the representation of women on U.S. chemistry faculties has edged up–slowly–reaching 16% in the latest survey. Also of interest in this issue: Lot… Read More
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    Draft Stimulus Bill Adds Nearly $10 Billion for Research

    Our colleagues at the ScienceInsider blog highlight an analysis by AAAS (which publishes Science Careers) of the draft economic stimulus bill released yesterday by the House Appropriations Committee. According to the analysis the bill calls for $16 billion in research and development spending over the next 2 years, with $9.9 billion of that devoted… Read More
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    Top NFL Prospect Chooses Rhodes Instead

    Myron Rolle, star defensive back at Florida State University, has chosen a Rhodes Scholarship studying medical anthropology over the immediate riches of an NFL career. Rolle completed his pre-med undergraduate degree in 2 1/2 years and is considered a top prospect at strong safety by NFL scouts. Unlike most student-athletes, where the emphasis is o… Read More