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    Harvard Raises Income Ceiling for Student Financial Aid

    The New York Times reports today (free subscription required) that Harvard University has raised the income ceiling on financial aid eligibility for students from families often considered middle and upper-middle class. Harvard joins several other elite private universities with growing concerns about the ability of even well-off families to afford… Read More
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    Grants for Bold, Innovative Research for International Researchers

    As my colleague Jim Austin pointed out earlier today, NIH is making funds available for particularly innovative biomedical research through its Pioneer and New Innovator programs. For researchers outside the U.S. — those collaborating on international research teams — there’s funding available from the Human Frontier Science Progr… Read More
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    For Those with a Musical Bent

    If you have an ear for music or just feel good when you hear music playing, funds are available for research to serve both your scientific and musical tastes. The NAMM Foundation, the research arm of the music products industry — a group that includes the stores you see in Nashville that sell those cool… Read More
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    The Achievement Trap

    There’s a lot of disagreement these days about the state of the scientific workforce; do we have too few scientists or too many? But rather few in workforce-policy circles question the importance of establishing a scientific workforce that more closely reflects America’s demographic makeup — one that’s less male, less white… Read More
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    Chefs as Chemists

    In our article this week about Portuguese molecular-gastronomy researchers Catarina Prista and Joana Moura, they express concerns about their long-term career prospects in a field that still had a way to go to becoming accepted. A New York Times article published yesterday suggests that their field is gaining much more attention than before among g… Read More
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    A guide for interdisciplinary career development

    Last week, the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (CEDD), an affiliate of the National Council for Science and the Environment, released a document notable for its valuable content, but also for its comprehensive approach to academic careers. "Interdisciplinary Hiring, Tenure and Promotion: Guidance for Individuals and Institutions,… Read More
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    You’re the star of this new Science Careers series

    Got something to say about starting or moving through a career in science? Here’s your chance to let friends and colleagues know what’s on your mind. This week, Science Careers unveils a series of personal essays called "In Person," about education and career development — in the broadest sense — in the sciences an… Read More
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    Legendary Advice

    We like to focus on practical, tangible advice for new students/postgraduates/postdocs/scientists. Admittedly, it can sometimes be rather optimistic and positive. Consider this advice to graduate students written by Yale ecology and evolutionary biology professor Stephen Stearns: "Always prepare for the worst." "Nobody cares about yo… Read More
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    Attracting Top Graduates to Federal Service

    Last week, the Partnership for Public Service, a not-for-profit but publicly funded group devoted to improving the quality of the workforce in public agencies, kicked off a campaign to attract more college graduates to U.S. federal employment. The centerpiece of the campaign is its new report on student attitudes towards federal employment, which i… Read More
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    NSF’s Fastlane is Back

    Yesterday (Monday 22 October), National Science Foundation suffered a power blackout for most of the day, and with it went NSF’s Fastlane system used by researchers and their colleagues to submit their funding proposals. By 12:45 pm ET today (23 October), Fastlane had returned. A message on NSF’s home page says proposals due to NSF… Read More