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    Résumé Lessons from Real Estate Agents

    Louise Fletcher, résumé coach and career blogger, suggested last week adopting techniques from real estate sales to make your résumé stand out from its hundreds or thousands of competitors. Before you turn up your nose at the idea of scientists using such tactics, read Dave Jensen’s Science Careers column from last October, “Focus Y… Read More
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    How to Check Out Your Prospective Boss

    Writing on her Career Diva blog yesterday, MSNBC careers columnist and author Eve Tahmincioglu gives advice to job-hunters on how to find out about the person who could be your boss at a company where you interviewed. In Science Careers, Tooling Up columnist Dave Jensen encourages job hunters to do their due diligence on companies… Read More
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  • Alan Kotok

    Interview Body Language: Watch the Other Guy

    In the blog EmploymentDigest today, career coach Peter Fisher offers a number of tips related to body language in a job interview. Fisher’s basic message is that in order to build rapport, interviewees should take their cues from the interviewer. By the time you get to an interview, you’ve already made a good impression with… Read More
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    More Americans Delaying Retirement

    The retirement of older workers opens up jobs for new workers entering the labor force. But according to a new survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), many older Americans plan to continue working beyond the retirement age. This year, fully one-third (33%) of American workers expect to retire after age 65, up from… Read More
  • Alan Kotok

    Prepping Your References

    At this week, Susan Adams provides tips on how to get your references to provide glowing accounts of your performance. As we pointed out last October, more employers today use the reference-checking process to learn all they can about potential hires, so you should not leave references to chance. The first rule, Adams says… Read More
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    Hidden Job Market Explained

    Mary Elizabeth Bradford, a recruiter turned career adviser, published a good explanation last Thursday of the hidden job market on her Career Artisan blog. The hidden job market is made up of unfilled positions that have not yet been advertised and in some cases may not even formally exist. Tooling Up columnist Dave Jensen and… Read More
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    Tech Hiring Picks Up in First Quarter of 2010

    Following strong earning reports this week from technology leaders Intel, Google, and Advanced Micro Devices comes news of increased hiring at some of these enterprises and throughout the industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google said this week that it hired 786 new employees in the first three months of 2010. Intel reported plans… Read More
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    Slow Demand Again for H-1B Visas (Updated)

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) last week released a report showing demand for H-1B skilled temporary worker visas is well below the levels experienced in recent years. H-1B visas enable American employers to hire foreign workers in jobs that require advanced scientific or technical skills, such as engineers, scientists, and compu… Read More
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    Use LinkedIn Like a Pro When Talking to Pros

    In numerous Science Careers articles and blog posts, we’ve recommended LinkedIn as a tool for making and maintaining contacts. LinkedIn is a social network with professional orientation — much more than Facebook, which is more about personal connections. By extending your circle of contacts out several layers, LinkedIn can multiply the… Read More