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    Faculty Salaries Flat as Institutions Tighten Belts

    The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) today released its annual faculty compensation report for 2009-10, and it had little good news for American academics or those hoping to join their ranks. AAUP’s findings show the recession is cutting deep into campus finances at both public or private institutions, from community colle… Read More
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    Science and Engineering Students Skate for NCAA Hockey Crown

    If you didn’t get enough Cinderella from Butler University’s improbable rise to college basketball success, take a look Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT’s) ride to the NCAA hockey’s championship this weekend in Detroit, Michigan. Like Butler, RIT’s  championship aspirations fell short, losing to a su… Read More
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    At Stanford, a Record Number of Postdocs

    It probably happens all across the country every year, but few take notice. At Stanford the milestone was commemorated by an article in today’s Stanford Report, the university’s daily news vehicle. At the beginning of 2010, Stanford had 1754 postdocs — more than ever before. Postdocs at Stanford now outnumber every undergraduate c… Read More
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    NSF: Jobs in Science and Engineering Grew Much Faster than in Other Fields

    A new InfoBrief from the U.S. National Science Foundation says that between 2004 and 2008 the number of jobs in science and engineering (S&E) increased by 13.7% compared to 5.5% for all occupations and 4.9% for non-S&E occupations — an annual growth rate of 3.3%. Interestingly, all the job growth in science and engineering occurred… Read More
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    Many Unpaid Internships On Thin Legal Ice

    In Friday’s New York Times, Steven Greenhouse describes how unpaid internships may get companies offering these opportunities in legal hot water. The story tells about students not only working gratis at some of these jobs when the law says they should be paid, but also doing tasks that could hardly be called an educational experience. Read More
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    Getting Hired, From the Boss’s Perspective

    In a post on, posted yesterday, columnist Bill Bartman gives advice to budding employers on the five traits he believes make for great hires. While intended for employers, his advice offers insights into the thinking behind hiring decision, particularly in small businesses or quickly changing industries, that could be helpful to jo… Read More
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    Could It Really Be Over — Finally?

    I’ve been lucky enough to stay employed throughout this long, deep recession. But when I read the bulk email this morning from the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and learned that the economy had added 162,000 jobs in March — and, in a correction, 14,000 each in January and February — I got… Read More
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    Dealing with Different Interviewer Types

    In an EmploymentDigest blog post from yesterday, Bill Vick advises job hunters who land an interview to assess the style of the interviewer and be prepared to react accordingly as the session progresses. Vick, a recruiter, entrepreneur, and consultant, parses interviewers into five types and says that recognizing an interviewer’s type early i… Read More
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    Tips for Getting a Great Internship

    On Friday, Tara Weiss in offered some pointers for students on landing a coveted summer internship. Hunting for an internship is a lot like hunting for a permanent job in that it takes both preparation and professionalism. Interns may generally be younger or paid less, but that still means you have to look and… Read More
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    Congress Passes Student Loan Bill; Funds Reduced for Community Colleges

    Consistent with the plan we mentioned 2 weeks ago on the Science Careers blog, the House of Representatives lumped much of their student-loan bill into the package of fixes to the health care reform bill. Yesterday, both the Senate and the House passed this package, which now goes to President Obama for his signature. But… Read More