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    Blog Your Way to Antarctica

    Biology doctoral student, blogger, and Science Careers Facebook fan Danielle Lee points us to a competition that gives the winner an all-expenses-paid trip to Antarctica. The contest offers bloggers–Danielle is one of the contestants–a chance to post an essay on why they deserve to win the voyage. Visitors to the site vote on who they… Read More
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    Study Associates Implicit Gender Stereotypes with Science/Math Achievement

    A new study finds a strong correlation between hidden or unconscious stereotypes that link males with science and mathematics to higher achievement among males in those fields. The findings, by University of Virginia psychology professor Brain Nosek, are published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study matches d… Read More
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    Congressional Supporter Backs Away from Increased H-1B Visas

    At a news conference by the Technology Policy Institute (TPI) last week, which was organized to build support for increasing high-skilled immigration to the United States, a key congressional backer of increased immigration for highly skilled workers put a damper on the audience’s expectations. American companies can now hire up to 65,000 for… Read More
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    U.S. Visa Problems Hitting Science Postdocs and Students

    Yesterday’s New York Times tells about increasing problems with visas encountered by foreign postdocs and students in the United States, particularly those in science and technology disciplines. The problems, according to the article, involve delays, missing paperwork, and less-than-helpful U.S. embassy staff. They appear to be more serious f… Read More
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    Encouraging Women to Return to the Lab

    Going back to the workplace after being away for a number of years can be difficult for anyone, but especially for parents who choose being a full-time mom or dad. Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that companies and institutions in science and engineering are setting up programs to help women (many more moms than dads… Read More
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    Stimulus Bill Imposes H-1B Visa Limits (Updated x 2)

    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 signed into law last week (a.k.a. economic stimulus bill) contains provisions that make it more difficult for some companies — those involved in the TARP financial bailout package — to hire workers on H-1B temporary work visas. Beryl Benderly discussed the impact of H1-B visas in her… Read More
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    Third Army Social Scientist Killed in Line of Duty (Updated x 2)

    A third U.S. Army social scientist has died while on duty. Paula Loyd, 36, an anthropologist in the Army’s Human Terrain System program, died earlier this week from burns received in a November 2008 attack in Afghanistan. Cary Clack, a columnist with the San Antonio Express-News, described the attack as unprovoked. “Loyd was in the… Read More
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    Madoff Scandal Hits Philanthropies and Institutions

    The arrest of financier Bernard Madoff on 11 December on investment fraud charges has sent waves crashing into scientific institutions and philanthropies that invested in Madoff-backed schemes. Madoff contributed widely to and served on boards of various Jewish and Israeli charities and institutions, many of which invested in his hedge fund. Prosec… Read More
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    Israel’s Treasury and University Heads Resume Talks to Avoid Shutdown

    The Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz reports today that Israel’s Council of Higher Education–a consortium of the country’s seven public universities–met with Finance Ministry officials for the first time in a week to resolve a funding dispute that threatens the scheduled opening of the schools on Sunday. The institutio… Read More
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    American Social Scientist Killed by Baghdad Bomb

    A political science graduate student was among four Americans killed by a bomb in the Sadr City section of Baghdad on Tuesday. According to the Washington Post, Nicole Suveges, 38, along with a State Department civilian employee and two U.S. soldiers, died when the blast occurred during a meeting of an Iraqi district council. Suveges… Read More