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  • Legendary Advice

    We like to focus on practical, tangible advice for new students/postgraduates/postdocs/scientists. Admittedly, it can sometimes be rather optimistic and positiv… Read More
  • Is Offshoring Losing Its Luster?

    The 21 October Los Angeles Times has an article (free registration required) that tells how some American technology companies are choosing to keep their techni… Read More
  • Funding for Study in Asia

    The Freeman-Asia program, a joint undertaking of the Freeman Foundation and the Institute of International Education (IIE), offers grants to undergraduates for… Read More
  • Some Tips on Interview Seminars

    Medicinal chemist Derek Lowe over at In the Pipeline recently posted some tips on interview seminars. "… [M]any of these are things that high school… Read More
  • India Puts its Rupees on the Table

    As Science Careers pointed out in April, India gives a high priority to research and development as a cornerstone of its future economy, and a report in the new… Read More
  • Follow-Up on the Green-Card Backlog

    Earlier today, Managing Editor Alan Kotok posted a blog entry about the U.S. State Department announcement that it wouldn’t accept any more green-card app… Read More
  • A Young Scientist Makes a Splash

    Early in your career, it’s easy to feel as if you have to gain more and more experience, and establish a wider reputation, before you can begin to make a… Read More
  • Get ’em to Stay

    In a characteristically smart post, Noted video-game hacker Andrew "bunnie" Huang (who spells his nickname with a small ‘b’) recounts a co… Read More
  • Are You Serious?

    Or are you funny? Here at Science Careers, we’re very serious about careers in science. That’s a good thing, but sometimes I worry that we’re… Read More
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