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    Good Stuff from The Scientist

    I hate to admit it, but The Scientist has been publishing some good career-related stuff over the last couple of years. From their latest issue: Balancing Life and Science, a series of profiles by Jennifer Evans. One profile is of Ahna Skop, whom Anne Sasso profiled in more detail last January in the virtual pages… Read More
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    Orwell’s Golden Rules

    Over at the Survival Blog for Scientists (named for the book by Ad Lagendijk), Ramy El-Dardiry relays, from George Orwell’s book Politics and the English Language, some simple but excellent rules for communication.  “It (the English language) becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish,” Orwell writes, “… Read More
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    Back-of-the Envelope Grant Proposals

    Every scientist has heard of “back of the envelope” calculations, and many have had the experience of sketching out ideas for a project or grant proposal on the back of an envelope. The University of Alabama-Birmingham’s School of Public Health has taken this idea one step further with its Inaugural Back of the Envelope Awards. Read More
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    ‘Early Stage’ at NIH

    Those of you in the biomedical-research world are no doubt aware of the weirdness surrounding early-career independent investigators. Under Zerhouni, the organization worked very hard to ensure that scientists at the beginning of their careers got their share of research grants. They’ve been pretty successful. But their success has come at th… Read More