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    Harkness Health Care Policy Fellowships: Aid From Abroad for U.S. Health Care

    One lesson gained from Michael Moore’s film Sicko, and from this year’s health care debate, is that Americans can learn a lot about health care from other countries. Now, the Commonwealth Fund offers fellowships in health care policy for experts from Europe and elsewhere to come to America, learn, and teach. The Harkness Fellowships in… Read More
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    Article update: pan-European pensions

    The European Commission has launched a feasibility study of pan-European pension funds for researchers, according to a statement (if a blog entry is considered a statement) from Janez Potočnik, European commissioner for research. The idea is to make it easier for researchers to contribute to, and ultimately collect, a pension fund no matter what c… Read More
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    Studying Humans in Space

    Forty years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon. But four decades later, how much do we know about how space flight affects the human body? A new master’s degree in human space exploration sciences at the University of Houston (UH) aims to open up the science behind human spaceflight. Read More
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    Research Careers and the Recession

    All this week, Vitae will be publishing new articles daily on research careers and the recession. The first article, written by career adviser Fiona Christie from the University of Salford, has some good general tips: know your sector; know the status of research funding in your country and at your institution; use the careers service… Read More
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    On Inspiration

    This week’s Darwin Festival is drawing to a close in Cambridge. It’s been an amazing week of lectures, discussions, plays, and performances all to celebrate Charles Darwin on his 200th birthday. All of us at Science Careers tend to ask people what or who inspired them to go into science. Some people cite Darwin as… Read More
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    The consequences of scientific misconduct

    An article published last week by The Scientist looks at the short- and long-term consequences of scientific misconduct on the careers of those who perpetrated it. In Life After Fraud, three scientists give their versions of the facts that led the U.S. Office of Research Integrity (ORI) to declare them guilty of scientific fraud. These sc… Read More
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    Blog Your Way to Antarctica

    Biology doctoral student, blogger, and Science Careers Facebook fan Danielle Lee points us to a competition that gives the winner an all-expenses-paid trip to Antarctica. The contest offers bloggers–Danielle is one of the contestants–a chance to post an essay on why they deserve to win the voyage. Visitors to the site vote on who they… Read More
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    Career renewal issues on the big screen

    It was just a coincidence, but last Saturday I went to see a movie that tied in with the career renewal feature we published just the day before on Science Careers. If you get a chance, go and see it. It’s a lovely story providing food for thoughts for academics.   ‘The Visitor‘ features a… Read More
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    Where do Ph.D.s work?

    Anywhere from 30% to 60% of doctoral graduates in the sciences end up in research, depending on the discipline. That’s according to a new report, “What Do Researchers Do? First Destinations of Doctoral Graduates by Subject,” released yesterday afternoon by Vitae, the U.K.-funded career development organization for doctorate holder… Read More
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    Study Associates Implicit Gender Stereotypes with Science/Math Achievement

    A new study finds a strong correlation between hidden or unconscious stereotypes that link males with science and mathematics to higher achievement among males in those fields. The findings, by University of Virginia psychology professor Brain Nosek, are published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study matches d… Read More