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  • President Vetoes Funding for NIBIB and for DoEd’s Math-Science Partnership

    This morning, President Bush vetoed H.R. 3043, a spending bill that would have provided funding for NIH’s National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) and the Department of Education’s Mathematics and Science Partnership Program for the fiscal year that started in October. The bill would have provided nearly $10 b… Read More
  • Lab-Management Training: As Bad as We Suspected

    In the lead essay of the online version of our recent feature on Lab Management, we included a survey asking people whether they had received lab-management training. We’ve got some results in so we thought we’d share. Our final question was "What is your position?" The way the question was phrased ("PI’s and aspiri… Read More
  • Closing the Gender Gap for Israeli Women

    Postdoctoral training abroad is a key career step that many women do not take for personal, financial, and family reasons–or so says the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, which is putting its money where its mouth is with a new funding program that aims to bridge that gap. The new Sara Lee Schupf Postdoctoral… Read More
  • The Imposter Syndrome

    "In psychological terms, [it’s] a cognitive distortion that prevents a person from internalizing any sense of accomplishment." In practical terms, it’s a feeling that you’re a fraud as a scholar, no matter how excellent your skills or how much you’ve accomplished. From the Chronicle of Higher Education. Paid subscr… Read More
  • There’s No Scientist Shortage After All

    Experts testifying at a congressional hearing yesterday corroborated what we’ve been saying all along: There is no scientist shortage in the United States. At a hearing of a subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives science committee, said that "Although I know you routinely are told by corporate lobbyists that their R&D is b… Read More
  • Strategies for Working with Girls in STEM

    "Whether your program connects girls to professional female mentors, exposes girls to science at a local museum, or teaches girls robotics after school, there are key strategies that are effective when working with girls in STEM [science, technology, engineering, and math].  Learn from experts in the field what research and practice tell… Read More
  • Author Order Matters

    From the We-Already-Knew-That department: A new study published in EMBO Reports confirms that being a middle author on a paper lessens your stature dramatically, even if the paper is published in a prestigious journal. "Our survey results showed that author names appearing near the beginning of the list of authors are perceived to have contrib… Read More
  • Should I Move On?

    Life is short, writes Ms. Mentor, in Chronicle Careers, so it’s important to try hard to break out of your miserable life. It may be a sabbatical, or an unpaid leave, or a faculty exchange — but she should move to a city where she would like to live. She can be a temporary office… Read More
  • A Plea for More Effective Translational Research from an Unlikely Critic

    Andrew Grove,  Parkinson’s sufferer, cancer survivor, and billionaire former CEO of Intel, castigated  biomedical research for its ineffectiveness in getting new therapies to market in a Sunday speech to the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in San Diego. I tried but failed to find a transcript of the speech, but here’s… Read More